Help us launch the book “16 ways the Truckers Saved Canada”

What is the book about?


This book answers the question: What does the Trucker Freedom Convoy 2022 mean for freedom in Canadian society going forward?

It works to provide a background discussion about the COVID-19 government policies and the Prime Minister’s attitude toward the unvaccinated. His policies were designed to force the unvaccinated to succumb to his will in taking the vaccine. However, the truckers pushed back – their reaction and how it played out is a pivotal moment in Canadian political history. I argue that there are at least 16 ways that the Trucker Freedom Convoy 2022 saved Canada from an even harsher future than it would have otherwise faced.


What is the purpose?


The goal in writing this book is to provide an analysis that challenges the Prime Minister’s Office narrative against the Trucker Freedom Convoy 2022. A narrative that has been repeated throughout the mainstream media apparatus.

Further, I thought it important to step back and consider what we, as a country, indeed the world, learned from these last three years. How do we make sense of government policies that violated the “first freedoms” of citizens. Those “first freedoms” include freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and the inviolability of the human person.

Until the COVID-19 experience it was understood that citizens had those first freedoms but that changed. Suddenly no one could question the government narrative that they said was based on “the science” of “the experts.” We were expected to simply defer to government, keep quiet, and offer our arms for the injections. If we did not then our jobs, our means of travel, and socialization were in jeopardy.

This book takes a critical position against the government’s COVID-19 policies and suggests that there is a deeper meaning of the government’s assault on our first freedoms. It is my position that at heart the government narrative and its imposition on free individuals was an assault on the spiritual aspect of the human being. It was a denial of the freedom of the individual to live in accordance with their own beliefs.

This book is meant to open the door to that deeper reality of what it means to be human that was overlooked, if not ignored by the government in making the public policy decisions regarding COVID-19.


Why did I write the book?


I wrote this book because too many people in Canada were ignoring the deeper significance of the Trucker Freedom Convoy. I do not seek to be a provocateur but one who seeks to understand why government did what they did; and why the truckers were so demonized by those who make public policy and frame public opinion. I was compelled to push back against the government and media narrative – and consider the broader meaning of the protest.

My hope is that after reading my book people will enter into dialogue about the deeper significance of the Trucker Freedom Convoy and what it means for the future of our country.

I also see it as an important topic for other free and democratic countries around the world to learn from the Canadian experience and make the appropriate conclusions for their own circumstance. 


What will I do with the money?


Writing is one thing I can do but bringing my work to market is quite another for me. I am not a marketeer. Sales is my weak spot. Publishing a book, as I have learned from previous experience, takes special skill – a skill that I do not possess. Therefore, it is imperative that I pay those in the know of how best to bring the book to market and in its best format,

Why do I need the money?


One year ago I stepped out from a ten year position I had to start and run the First Freedoms Foundation (Canada). I had never started a non-profit before. Given the amount of work I had to do this last year, let me say, that I have gained tremendous respect for any who have done so! It was the best of times and the worst of times. For the first time since my elementary school days (which is only 50 years ago!) I have not earned one cent. I guess you can say that I have survived my financial stress test! All of the donations received for First Freedoms to day has gone 100% into expenses to keep it running.

This book venture requires significant funds around $15,000.00. 

Your help to get this project off the ground is greatly appreciated!