Delta Hospice and the War on Conscience: Interview with Angelina Ireland


Guest Angelina Ireland, President of Delta Hospice Society, joined Barry for a conversation on Tuesday, April 26. Angelina shared her own personal story of how she got involved with the hospice movement, along with the pressure and even hostility experienced by the society since the 2015 Carter decision made it legal to provide Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD).

Listen as Angelina describes some of the challenges the society has faced for its refusal to euthanize patients who seek end-of-life care. In its recent general meeting, a super-majority of the Delta Hospice Society members endorsed traditional palliative care, rejecting MAiD. However, activists and politicians are still fighting against the society. Why the political backlash against traditional palliative care? Why are activists against the Delta Hospice Society? Don’t miss this discussion!

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