2022 Year In Review – Interview with Lawyer Daniel Freiheit


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Daniel Freiheit, of Lion Advocacy (https://twitter.com/LionAdvocacy; and https://lionlaw.ca/), is Barry’s guest in this installment of Freedom Feature. They discuss the lessons that can be gleaned from 2022 in Canada’s march for freedom. The first lesson Daniel points out is that Convoy gave people hope. Incidentally, giving people hope is one of the ways that Barry writes about in his book, 16 Ways the Truckers Saved Canada (see: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/16ways/16-ways-the-truckers-saved-canada/). “To build a sustainable future in Canada how do we find the big kernel of the good in that protest…”

What drove people to Ottawa, Daniel observes, was a negative impact from the harsh restriction on people’s ability to earn a living. Of course, there were some people negatively impacted by the honking of the horns and the disruption in the city. However, because the mainstream media was against the protest it is difficult to get a full understanding of who was more impacted.

People must step up and speak out on what is happening to enable change.

We must be careful to put politicians in office who respect the law. Daniel reminds Barry there are many whose Charter rights have always been infringed and it is only when a larger group has their Charter rights infringed are we made aware of this problem. “Once these Charter issues are experienced by a broader segment of the population. It takes people out of their silos and expands their awareness in some regards. It expands their empathy.”

Daniel has no confidence in public opinion polls showing support of the government. We must question. Who is on the board of the polling company, how were the surveys conducted, and so on. We are required to get into the “nitty gritty” of the surveys to truly understand their results. In other words, we cannot accept what we are told about government support at face value.

2023 is going to be about how do we go back to trusting authority in this country.

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