A Pivotal Moment in Canadian History


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“When the government delegates authority to the bureaucracy, the bureaucrats are in essence—through their regulations—creating law, and they’ve been granted that.” – Barry W. Bussey, lawyer, author, founder of First Freedoms Foundation

In this video, Barry is interviewed by Canadian expat trucker, writer and podcaster, Gordon Magill. Both men attended the freedom convoy in Ottawa two years ago; both describe it as a spiritual event. For Barry, the convoy was a reaction of Canadians to refuse to have their bodily autonomy taken away from them by the State. Standing on an overpass in Ottawa, Gordon realized that Canadians were healing from a deep-seated betrayal. People were simply overjoyed that they were coming together to do something about the tyranny that had descended upon them. Barry goes on to explain how Canada came to its eroded state of democracy: legislators have delegated their authority to the bureaucrats. Courts, at the same time, have been deferring to the decisions of the bureaucrats because, they say, the bureaucrats are the experts. Basically, the courts have failed in their responsibility to ensure that the rights of the citizens have not been unjustly infringed.

Gord Magill is a writer and commentator on the trucking industry as well as politics in Canada surrounding The Freedom Convoy. He has spent 27 years trucking across four different countries. 

You can find his writing and podcast, The Voice of GO(r)D, at https://autonomoustruckers.substack.com/

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