Augustine College: Faith Seeking Understanding – Interview with Todd Anderson


Todd Anderson, Principal of Augustine College shares with Barry the mission and focus of the College to train young people how to think logically in deciphering truth in our age of chaos.  Young people need to be grounded in understanding the principles that our society is based upon.

“From the Greeks in the West, from the early stages, in our literature courses all the way up to the modern period, whether it is in philosophy, science, or the history of art or music – we cover all these pieces from a Christian perspective.  The goal is not to say that this tradition doesn’t have its problems or its concerns but it is to say these are the best things we have produced as a society and they are fundamentally Christian, or have a Christian ethos in them….  We are thinking through what has framed and shaped society,” and how can students use that as they launch themselves into their careers.

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