Calling Out The Airlines – Interview With Greg Hill


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Free To Fly is an organisation that seeks “To unite people through one of the most cherished freedoms of modern civilization – the freedom to travel great distances safely, quickly, and in comfort.”  Greg Hill, a co-founder of Free To Fly is frustrated with the airlines in Canada who recently came out with statements against the government’s vaccine travel mandates.  Hill points out that it is as if they were against the mandates all along.  

“Where were you?” Hill asks the airlines.  “Where were you the last year or two?”  He understands that the airlines were compelled by government orders but “that interim order didn’t demand that these … companies sit in silence and say nothing…. That was a choice.  They could have spoken up and you can theorize why they remained silent.  There is money that comes from the government to the various corporations across the country….”

He continues, “But this is the problem:  They got us by the pay cheque.  They got us by the government handout.  We have got to learn to decouple ourselves from these things and start to live as free people.  We are at a crossroads as a free society and we need to decide now who we are and how we are going to live or we are going to doom our sunset years and the formative years of out children and grandchildren to a very dark authoritarian state.”

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