Pt 2 – Canada, Take Your Country Back! – Dan McTeague


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“If the prime minister has all this power and he’s abusing it . . . he isn’t just talking about controlling the Liberal Party; he’s usurping his powers to control the country well beyond the interest of most Canadians . . . and . . . that’s an attack on Canada itself.” – Dan McTeague In part 2 of 3, Dan McTeague, former MP, 1993 – 2011 shares with the audience why we need to and how we can take Canada back from a Liberal government that no longer represents its citizens’ best interests. Because Dan was a backbencher for nearly 20 years, he knows how things used to be: prime ministers used to answer questions during Question Period in the House and they used to assume fiscal responsibility. They used to be more interested in equality of opportunity than equality of outcomes and they understood that a good leader unites its citizens rather than divide them. It’s now time for Canadians to assume voter responsibility.

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