COVID In Canada Was Worse Than Communism


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Dr. Emanuel Baston practiced medicine in Romania and came to Canada about 20 years ago. Unable to obtain a residency in Ontario he is now laying tiles in the construction industry. His strong work ethic has meant that he and his family are successfully making their way in their new country.

However, when the federal and provincial governments in Canada implemented the harsh COVID-19 regulations he was faced with the reality that Canada took on characteristics of the communist Romania that he grew up in but it was worse. Nobody believed what the communist Romanian government said but in Canada the default is to believe what the government says.

Dr. Baston recognised that as a population Canadians were known as nice people but during the COVID 19 experience it was way different. “You wish that your neighbour would loose their home, lose their job? Where is the empathy? Where are you as a person? That’s not the future I want for my kids.”

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