Fighting Mandates: Livestream with Keith Wilson, QC


Is our constitution worth the paper it’s written on?

Why are so many lawyers unwilling to represent clients who have suffered because of government mandates?

Constitutional lawyer Keith Wilson, QC, appeared as a guest for a live Freedom Feature conversation with Barry W. Bussey on Tuesday, April 12. Listen in as he discusses two of the high-profile cases he is currently working on. The first is the legal challenge against travel restrictions; the second features the trucker’s convoy. His clients include the Hon. Brian Peckford, a previous guest on Freedom Feature and the last living drafter and signatory of the Charter.

As well as discussing the particulars of these cases, Dr. Bussey and Mr. Wilson reflect on other questions related to the pandemic, including the importance of free speech.

Mr. Wilson argues that in seeking to prevent COVID-19 deaths or infections, public health authorities failed to balance other concerns or costs, such as educational setbacks, economic losses, addictions, suicides, relational breakdowns, and more.

From his personal experience, Mr. Wilson also refutes some of the misinformation that has been spread about the Freedom Convoy, including the accusation that the protestors were insurrectionists. As Mr. Wilson explains, the truckers were concerned about government overreach and the violation of civil liberties. They did not seek to overthrow the government; they wanted governments to lift mandates. They also called for a Royal Commission-style public inquiry into the government response to the pandemic, to prevent restrictions from being re-imposed in future.

Mr. Wilson refers to the Oakes Test; watch Dr. Bussey’s interview with Dwight Newman to learn more about the Oakes Test and how it is applied in a constitutional challenge.

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