Fourth Turning – Part 2


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Last time, we introduced the concept of the fourth turning—a theory of history that was pioneered by Neil Howe and William Strauss. They argue that history runs in cycles of around 80 – 100 years that they call a saeculum which is composed of four generation eras. The fourth turning is the fourth generation era since the end of the last saeculum cycle. The last saeculum ended with the end of WWII.

According to Neil Howe, we are currently in the last generational era of the current saeculum. And, our current fourth turning is not expected to end until some time in the 2030s.

In this episode we will dig deeper into the concept of the fourth turning.

Howe likens the fourth turning to a time of trial in which the supply of social order remains low—it is an era of crises in which people realize that if they don’t stick together, things can really fall apart.

Howe believes there is a chronology to this crisis era—a list of six events we expect to see or experience: (i) precursor, (ii) catalyst, (iii) regeneracy, (iv) consolidation, (v) climax, (vi) resolution.

Listen as Barry describes the first three stages of Howe’s theory of the fourth generation.

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