Freedom Marches On – Interview With James Topp


Barry caught up with former livestream guest, veteran James Topp. Having completed his march from Vancouver to Ottawa, James explains what motivated his trek across Canada, what he learned, and what his vision for the future is.

The purpose of James’ march was to advocate for a plan he describes as the “3R equation.” He is calling on the government to repeal mandates, reinstate workers, and give restitution for wages lost. He believes this is the way to repair our society after the damages done by government mandates. As he explains, people need to see our leaders acknowledge that they were wrong and do something to fix it.

James emphasizes the importance of remaining peaceful despite the sense of anger that many Canadians feel towards the government.

He also reflects with gratitude on the volunteers who have rallied around to support him with generosity and enthusiasm.

Over the past four months, James’ journey has brought together people from across the country, giving a voice to many who felt isolated, discouraged, and unheard. He remains hopeful for a dawning of common sense, responsibility, and courage.

Find out more about Jame here: Canada Marches

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