Go Local Resist Globalism – Interview With Professsor Iain T. Benson


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Professor Iain T. Benson, of the University of Notre Dame Australia (Sydney) is of the view that the way to protect freeom is to go local and resist globalism. Our understanding of what is right and wrong does not come from the state but from local communities.

People, in Western countries, are often weak when it comes to pushing back against the government. Unfortunately, democratic governments are moving toward a globalist mindset that takes advantage of the “business as usual” model that turns a blind eye to the suffering others have to endure in maintaining the profits for the elites. Little concern is given for how countries like China are taking advantage of the poor to supply goods to the West.

Klaus Schwab and his WEF program supports the global capitalism that is destroying the local communities. The “Great Reset” is a plan that attacks (a) the self-determination of people’s life, liberty and direction; and, (b) does not speak out agains the colonization of the poorer countries.

Further, Dr. Benson argues, the West has become corrupt in failing to call these abuses for what they are. So, the question is, “Are we going to be governed locally or from the top down by the ‘smug internationalists’?”

Mr. Schwab, and his associates, are technicians, Benson says, and they have not objective moral positions but are moral relativists that support the ‘business as usual’ paradigm. Mr. Schwab’s proteges Prime Minister Trudeau, President Macron, Prime Minister Ardern, and others are untrained in the philosophical understandings that have built our society. Their global moral relativism is inconsistent with the richest strands of international law and natural law.

We are left with courts that are convinced by legal positive thought that whatever the government issues is law with no regard to the larger picture of our legal history and basic human rights. The courts have been ‘singing from the same song sheet’ by refusing to give credence to the fundamental freedoms that have been the foundation of our society. Judges had the power to respond to the over reaching state that enforced lockdowns at great personal cost, but they refused to exercise their oversight.

This failure has led to a loss of credibility of the courts, government and the professions such as medicine and law.

The way forward, according to Benson, is to re-learn the lessons of civil-disobedience and seek legal reform that does not allow government to solely determine when it can use emergency powers. The onus must be on the state to prove with verifiable evidence that the state is in jeopardy and such power is warranted. An independent body must be set up to make the determination and it cannot be only judges or politicians or medical professionals. There must be a broad range of people with different expertise that would be tasked with the job.

Our current systems failed us and we need new systems.

The population must be awakened to the “free-born mind” again. The managerial state has failed us. We cannot afford to keep giving government deference especially when even more challenging times are upon us as government plans to issue digital currency and continues its electronic surveillance over the population.

The local must be more the focus not globalism.

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