Holding Government Accountable


Lawyer Daniel Freiheit joins Barry to discuss the current state of the Canadian Government’s infringement on individual rights. The Canadian Government was motivated to save lives during the pandemic – but just how far can a government go in pursuing that goal. And, has it been successful?

People have suffered under the government’s programs implemented to “save lives.” Yet, Daniel’s law practice has led him to see that there are many who have been “thrown under the bus.” People are hurting because of their religious convictions. Some critics say, “It is the result of their decisions. No sympathy here!” Is this a viable long term perspective in a diverse society?

What are the legal cases, now making their way through the courts, telling us about the government’s decision process? Were they based on science or politics?

What is the state of freedom of speech? Freedom of thought? Government has put forward the notion that any support of the Truckers Convoy in Ottawa means you are an extremist. Why?

What are the challenges for lawyers in this environment in representing clients who have struggled with these government mandates?

Daniel practices law in Toronto https://lionlaw.ca/

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