Law for All


Why does the rule of law matter? And how do we come together in the face of differences? 

In the latest Freedom Feature, recorded earlier in February, Barry discusses the rule of law with Dr. Brian Lee Crowley, Managing Director of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute in Ottawa. The two consider what happens if a government decides to pick and choose which laws apply depending on its own ideology. They also share concerns about academia, revisionist history, and the influence of certain “progressive” ideas that tend to undermine rather than strengthen our society.

Dr. Crowley shares some powerful imagery from his latest book Gardeners vs Designers: Understanding the Great Fault Line in Canadian Politics (Sutherland House, 2020), in which he argues that society is less like a machine that can be tinkered with and more like a garden that needs to be tended.

Dr. Crowley is also the author of Fearful Symmetry: the Fall and Rise of Canada’s Founding Values (2009). 

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