Lost Principles of our Civil Heritage – Interview with Charles Ficner


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Charles Ficner, a retired federal government employee, has learned the lessons of history and what made Canada one of the most successful countries in the Western World.  In a 2017 writing (https://ontariolandowners.ca/persons-property-charles-ficner/) he observes,

“The Core Principle that persons matter above everything else is at the root of Western Civilization. It has been confirmed, reconfirmed and firmly established as the foundation of our system of government and law. Whenever it was set aside it became impossible for persons to live together in a civil and civilized way.”

“Government’s primary job is not to command, but to protect each and every citizen,” Mr. Ficner points out, “It must ensure that no person, no corporation, no institution and no official undermines the inalienable rights of any person. When those who hold public offices use the government’s power in any way that harms any citizen’s rights, their acts and commands have no legitimacy at all.”

Charles shares with Barry the extraordinary currents of thought in the history of the West that remains relevant to us today.

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