Loving People Through Keeping The Church Open – Interview With Pastor David Ripley


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David Ripley pastors the Grace Christian Fellowship (https://www.crestongracefellowship.org/)  in Creston, British Columbia, Canada.  During the COVID-19 Pandemic he kept his church open as a place of prayer and reflection.  He called the Mayor, the fire chief and the RCMP and all agreed that his understanding of the Provincial Health Order allowed him to open his church for this limited purpose.

However, later he was fined $2,300 for violating the Provincial Health Order. 

After 12 preliminary court appearances by his JCCF lawyers (www.jccf.ca) the Crown directed a stay of proceedings on the charges in late 2022.

Pastor Ripley shares with Barry his experience and the exciting news that attendance has increased as a result.

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