Radical Purge! – Interview With Don Hutchinson Part Two


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Dr. Don Hutchinson, Principal at Ansero Services, shares with Barry the federal government’s continued discrimination against Christian charities who do not share the government’s ideological commitments.  The governments “Community Services Recovery Fund” is only open to those groups that are willing to agree with government’s views on such matters as abortion.  Yet again the Trudeau government is demanding ideological conformity. 

The second part of this interview considers the purge that has gone on in the Liberal Party in recent years.  Many talented, experienced politicians have been purged from the Liberal Party to make room for a more radical element that is upending basic understandings of how government ought to be run. 

Dr. Hutchinson shares with Barry the latest in the ongoing government campaign against pro-life Christian charities.  This is part two of a two-part interview.

Dr. Hutchinson blogs at: http://www.donhutchinson.ca/

His blog entry on this matter is found here: http://www.donhutchinson.ca/canada-community-services-recovery-fund%e2%80%95another-discriminatory-attestation-requirement/   

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