Magna Carta Must Not Be Forgotten


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Can a thirteenth century document “written in Latin on the hide of a sheep” mean anything to us today?

Dr. John Robson (historian, columnist, documentary filmmaker, Executive Director of Climate Discussion Nexus, and professor at Augustine College) gives a vivid account of the people and principles that produced the Magna Carta, and explains how that heritage is still relevant and worth recognising.

Our freedoms were not created in 1982 with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They are rooted in a long tradition that grew out of a religious respect for human dignity. Dr. Robson traces this fascinating history, from King Alfred famously burning the cakes to Canadian Joseph Howe proclaiming the “sacred fire of liberty” before a jury in 1835.
Dr. Robson also takes us back to fundamentals, reminding us that disagreements often reflect deeper assumptions about human nature, morality, and truth.

You can watch Dr. Robson’s 2015 documentary, “Magna Carta: Our Shared Legacy of Liberty,” on YouTube at, or order a DVD copy here:

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