Modern Day Blasphemy


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Cara Hamstra has been targeted with a human rights complaint because she does not accept the modern day narrative. She is a videographer who has been forced out of business because she declined to video a same-sex marriage on the basis that it was not in the scope of the work that she does.

This is first case of its kind in Canada according to her lawyer Albertos Polizogopoulos – of Acacia Group ( – which is an openly Christian law firm and communications firm.

Albertos says that Cara did not deny service because of sexual orientation but that it was not something that her business offered. The case involves “intersectional” rights in that Cara’s right to freedom of conscience and freedom of religion but also her freedom of expression. She is being asked to produce a work of art – to articulate a particular message that she is not prepared to communicate. “If she were an artist that did paintings but she refused to do nudes because of trauma in her past, are we ok for the state and the Ontario Human Rights Code compelling her to do that – to violate her conscience, to do that which she wouldn’t otherwise produce?”

Albertos argues that the forcing of Cara to produce an artistic expression goes against Cara’s religious beliefs and Christian identity.

He notes that the public would not compel a Muslim writer to write a Christian theological piece, or a vegan to write promotional material for a hunter and angler. But “because Cara happens to be a committed Christian and the issue falls within the LGBTQ some people are ok with [compelling her].”

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