Pt 1 – National Citizens’ Inquiry and the State of Canada – Ken Drysdale


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“If your citizenry can’t rely on getting a fair and even judgement in a court regardless of their standing in society . . . then you’ve left them with the choice of being violent . . . .” – Ken Drysdale

In this video (part 1 of 3), Barry W. Bussey talks with Ken Drysdale who was Chair of Commissioners during the National Citizens’ Inquiry which took place in eight cities across Canada from March to May 2023. The NCI was a citizen-led inquiry into Canada’s COVID-19 response. They took testimonies from 305 witnesses. Topics in the video touch on informed consent, coercion, the failure of our institutions and government misinformation. Ken challenges all viewers to go to the NCI website and pick three testimonies and watch them and he guarantees that they will change your life.

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