No Jab, No Degree


University students and newlyweds David and Stephanie met with First Freedoms in December to receive legal counsel in applying for accommodation for their religious beliefs. Recently, they met again to share an update on their situation. Find out what they’ve gone through in the last two semesters! How have they been treated and how have they handled the experience?

In their final year of studies, David, an aerospace engineer, and Stephanie, a biomedical scientist, made a conscientious decision not to receive a certain mandatory medical procedure. Banned from campus, they applied for accommodation in order to complete their degrees online. Yet, even though they were able to study remotely in the previous year, their university refused to provide that option.

Listen as David and Stephanie describe the challenges they have endured. How has the bureaucracy handled their case? Have they been successful in their attempts to finish their degrees?

Here at First Freedoms, we care about the hardships faced by individuals like the Machucas. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to take on more legal challenges at this time. We need your support to offer help to Canadians who face discrimination because of their beliefs. Would you consider making a donation for freedom today?

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