Now That Bill C-11 Is Law What’s Next? – Interview With Peter Menzies


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Peter Menzies spent three decades as a working journalist and newspaper executive, most notably with the Calgary Herald where he served as its editorial page editor, editor in chief and, finally, publisher. He won one National Newspaper Award for the detailed objectivity of a series outlining the contents of the Charlottetown Accord and another from the Association of Opinion Page Editors for a similarly objective project. He spent close to 10 years as a member of the Canadian Radio-television Commission, (CRTC), initially in a part-time capacity followed by four years as regional commissioner for Alberta and the Northwest Territories and then four more as Vice Chair of Telecommunications.

Given his wide experience as a journalist, as a Vice Chair of CRTC, and his writings against Bill C-11 which is legislation that makes the CRTC the Canadian regulator of the internet, you will want to hear what Mr. Menzies has to share.  There is much for Canadians to be concerned about with government further regulating our speech. 

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