Part 1: Justice Denied…Again – Interview with Marty Moore & Hatim Kheir


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This is part one of a two-part interview with Marty Moore and Hatim Kheir. In a time of unprecedented challenges, Marty Moore and Hatim Kheir continue to be defenders of constitutional rights through their work at the Justice Centre. As the weight of restrictions imposed by the provincial health officer fell over British Columbia, Marty Moore, a constitutional lawyer, represented several churches who challenged the government’s prohibition on church gatherings and protests.  Moore shares with Barry the significant breaches of freedom of conscience and religion, highlighting the disheartening reality that the courts are consistently showing deference to the government.

Meanwhile, in Ontario, Hatim Kheir had his own case  journey dealing with similar issues as he represented the Alymer Church of God and the Bible Chapel. Challenging Ontario’s gathering restrictions, Hatim Kheir faced a court of appeal’s decision upholding government restrictions as constitutional.

The Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear both of these cases which means the lower court decisions remain in the governments favour. While the court has historically delved into contentious public policy issues, this time, its silence has left questions unanswered. This shift poses a significant concern for the future.

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