Part One: Blindsight is 2020 – Interview with Gabrielle Bauer


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This is part one of a two-part interview with Gabrielle Bauer, a health and medical writer based in Toronto. 

Gabrielle challenges the notion that science should dictate our responses to its findings. In her thought-provoking book, “Blindsight is 2020,” she emphasizes that science is descriptive rather than prescriptive, informing us about what is, but not how we should react. 

Our responses, she states, are deeply intertwined with our values. With almost three decades of experience writing for doctors and the general public, Gabrielle embarked on a courageous journey during the pandemic, discussing and questioning the effectiveness of lockdowns and government mandates.

As fear gripped the world and rationality seemed to fade away, young people and those less fortunate bore the brunt of the pandemic’s impact. Through conversations with her family, and later with friends and colleagues, Gabrielle realized the importance of speaking up and changing the conversation. How do we evolve if we don’t engage in dialogue? 

However, her dissenting views sparked significant online backlash, forcing her to toughen her skin quickly. Yet, it became increasingly important to let people know that they were not alone in their skepticism of various government mandates.

Gabrielle firmly believes that respecting and valuing everyone’s opinions, regardless of their background, is vital. She highlights the wisdom of epidemiologist Mark Woolhouse, who advised the Scottish government and authored “The Year the World Went Mad.” Woolhouse, who emerged as a lockdown skeptic, argued that the world was too reliant on epidemiologists, emphasizing the need for balance. 

In a world where many want to forget the challenges of the past few years, Gabrielle insists on continuing the conversation. There is much to learn about ourselves, our values, and our society, ensuring we do not repeat the same mistakes.

Join us and listen to what Gabrielle has to share.

Please note the views expressed by the individual(s) in this video are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the views or principles of the First Freedoms Foundation.

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