Part One: One Woman’s Story On How To Make A Difference – Interview with Maggie Braun


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This is part one of a two-part interview with Maggie Braun, a passionate advocate who has never shied away from fighting for what she believes in. 

From her early years being raised in Canada, Maggie’s deep interest in society’s workings has driven her. A lifelong environmental enthusiast, she kickstarted an activist group in high school and pursued Ecosystem Management in University.

She ran for the Federal Election with the Canadian Action Party in 2011 and remained involved in hometown initiatives. A devoted mother, she homeschools her children, passing on her values. Her initial impression of Canada was a call to care for its environment, yet she became disheartened witnessing environmental issues left unattended.

Maggie’s life took a new turn when she engaged with the Freedom Convoy, joining the frontlines of a trucker protest. Her experience was a revelation: the convoy transformed into a circle of healing, where diverse voices shared stories of struggles and stresses. The convoy’s spirit shattered media portrayals, uniting people of all backgrounds in a shared purpose.

Seeing the parallel of government treatment to history’s dark chapters, Maggie connected with like-minded individuals at the convoy, a powerful contrast to her former isolation. Arrested on the last day of the convoy, her courageous stance laid out the printed Bill of Rights before the police, leading to a shocking exchange with a riot officer.

For Maggie, the Freedom Convoy wasn’t just a protest, but a reminder that uniting people ignites genuine power. With unwavering determination, she stands ready to fight for freedom alongside the people, with a conviction that through connection comes the strength to battle for freedom till the very end.

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