Part Two: Age of Nihilism – Interview with Curtis McManus


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This is part two of a two-part interview with Curtis McManus, an author Curtis McManus, who skillfully navigates the complexities of our modern age. 

As we delve into the age of nihilism, McManus addresses the refusal to accept reality as it is offered. Revealing parallels to historical events, such as the hostility towards religion during the French Revolution, he brings to our attention the destruction of churches.

With a deep understanding of history’s cycles, McManus reminds us that every social and political order is destined to rise and fall repeatedly. As we witness democracy in the Western world teetering, Curtis McManus challenges us to question whether we have stretched the liberties of freedom to their limits. He invites us to ponder the direction of history, and if it lacks a predetermined goal, where is it heading? With kingdoms and empires rising and falling throughout time, McManus discusses with us to be mindful and never take the precious moments we live for granted. 

Throughout the interview, Curtis McManus draws inspiration from C.S. Lewis, who wisely said, “progress means getting nearer the place where you want to be, and if you’ve taken a wrong turning, then going forward does not get you any nearer…”

His compelling insights encourage us to engage in thoughtful reflection, embracing the significance of our choices in shaping the world we live in.

Please note the views expressed by the individual(s) in this video are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the views or principles of the First Freedoms Foundation.

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