Part Two: Blindsight is 2020 – Interview with Gabrielle Bauer


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This is part two of a two-part interview withGabrielle Bauer, author of “Blindsight is 2020,” who delves into the profound impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the younger generation in her insightful book. Gabrielle sheds light on how children’s needs and lives can be often neglected, emphasizing the obligation of the older generation to create meaningful opportunities for the younger generation’s well-being and growth. 

She reminds us that virus transmission has been an inevitable part of human existence since the beginning of time. During the pandemic, Gabrielle discovered an unexpected kinship with various religious groups who chose not to comply with certain measures. Their reasoning resonated with her, prompting a deeper reflection on personal freedoms and individual choices. 

She encourages readers to think independently, emphasizing the importance of embracing diverse perspectives and considering alternative viewpoints. In her exploration of the pandemic’s impact, Gabrielle and Barry discuss the trucker’s convoy—a noteworthy event marked by its peaceful nature. 

Surprising her friends and peers, she expresses support for the convoy and its underlying message. Gabrielle encourages the need for ongoing dialogue about both the successes and failures of our pandemic response, advocating for a comprehensive approach to future crises. Encouraging individuals to seek pre-COVID pandemic guidance documents, she calls for a more informed and proactive approach. 

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Blindsight is 2020: 

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