Part Two: One Woman’s Story On How To Make A Difference – Interview with Maggie Braun


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This is part two of a two-part interview with Maggie Braun, the visionary behind “Gather 2030,” a groundbreaking newsletter program that’s more than just a collection of words – it’s a blueprint of creative and positive strategies. Maggie believes in bringing people together, fostering deeper connections at both the individual and community levels. Through Gather 2030, she’s weaving a web of like-minded individuals across the nation, uniting their skills and businesses in a tangible directory.

Maggie’s focus remains steadfast on networking resources among those who share her values. In a world that sometimes feels overwhelmed by negativity, she strives to keep the newsletter’s content resoundingly positive. Recognizing the power of local organizations, she emphasizes effective grassroots efforts. With a firm belief in individual freedoms, Maggie champions the importance of allowing citizens to thoughtfully and carefully shape their own decisions, rather than being dictated to by the government.

As an advocate for freedom of thought and speech, Maggie encourages her fellow freedom thinkers to step into the public sphere. Yet, she’s no stranger to challenges; Maggie’s encountered struggles in her endeavors, facing unresponsiveness from government entities and occasional sidelining.

For Canadians, she emphasizes the necessity of understanding government protocols and procedures, enabling informed, effective engagement. However, Maggie knows that change starts within. She urges individuals to prioritize mental health and the home front, understanding that personal well-being serves as a foundation for collective transformation. In a world of noise, Maggie Braun stands as a beacon of peaceful persistence, creating connections, fostering positive change, and encouraging all to walk the path of thoughtful activism.

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