Power Play of the Administrative State – Interview With Jeffery Tucker


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Jeffrey Tucker joins Barry Bussey again to discuss the latest state of affairs in the pandemic aftermath.  Despite a year having passed since the Trucker Freedom Convoy 2022 in Ottawa residual effects of the pandemic remain as unvaccinated Canadians are still not permitted to travel to the United States.  Tucker notes that it is particularly embarrassing that the restriction remains.  He points out that it is a power play with a lot of vested industrial interests who, in concert with the administrative state, are keeping the emergency declaration operative.

Tucker also shared the importance for citizens not to be lulled to sleep just because the administrative state has relaxed its pandemic lockdowns.  At any moment the vested interests can reimpose measures that take away freedom.  Every citizen has a responsibility to be on guard and ensure that governments are held accountable for their actions.

The conversation ends on a hope note for citizens to take courage and not give up but to use the window of opportunity we currently have to stand our ground for freedom against the big tech, pharma, and bureaucrats who seek to impose their will on citizens.

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