Pt 2 – Learning the Lessons of the Past – Eva Chipiuk


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“As long as you’re abiding by the law, challenging the government is a healthy thing and we should never be afraid of it.” – Eva Chipiuk

On January 23, 2024, The Honourable Richard Mosley declared the Emergencies Act invoked on February 14, 2022 to be unlawful. In part 2/2, lawyers Barry W. Bussey and Eva Chipiuk discuss how this transgression happened and how it may be avoided in the future. Canadians seem to have a culture of showing deference to their elected officials. During the truckers’ convoy especially, many Canadians were waiting for lawyers to speak up over this violation of February 2022, but . . .  the judiciary, lawyers, citizens, elected officials and media all have a role to play in a robust democracy. Canadians need to rid themselves of this idea that other, more outspoken people will step up to the plate to protect our rights. Our causes, our institutions and democracy itself need to be defended by reasonable and ordinary Canadians.

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Empowered Canadians – Citizens v. Government

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