Pt 2 – National Citizens’ Inquiry: Lessons Learned – Ken Drysdale


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“. . . they became a mindless, accepting horde and that’s what happened in Canada. . . . That was the level of hate and fear that the government on purpose cultivated in the Canadian people.” – Ken Drysdale

In this video, part 2 of 3, Barry W. Bussey asks NCI Commissioner Ken Drysdale for lessons learned from the National Citizens’ Inquiry of 2023. Ken concedes that public apathy is to blame. From lack of interest and knowledge of voters to the Canadian political process, to what is and isn’t being taught in the education system, if we as citizens do not engage ourselves with current events, we can only expect more of the same poor outcomes. To add to the process, our government passes legislation and then they create regulatory boards that pass mandates and such that don’t get debated in parliament. Ken reminds us that we all can play a role in helping to maintain our democracy even if it’s just showing up at a “political” gathering with some home baked goods.

The NCI website contains 305 testimonies from Canadian citizens as part of the Covid-19 response. Click on Hearings:

Ken Drysdale is founder of the website and movement Manitoba Strong Together. They advocate for democracy by creating community and educating people. No merchandise is sold nor donations accepted.   

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