Sugar Coating The Emergencies Act


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Law Professor Bruce Pardy is Barry’s guest along with a special appearance of Law Professor Dr. Iain T. Benson as they discuss the implications of 2022 on freedom and what we have to be concerned about in 2023. Unfortunately, Professor Benson’s connection was cut off during the discussion but we kept his contribution.

Professor Pardy says that the Trucker Freedom Convoy 2022 was a heartfelt response to being under the thumb of the chattering classes who were insisted upon policies and laws that told people what to do. That is not a new thing but, on this occasion, finally ordinary people were pushed too far, and they said, “No, we are not doing this.” As Professor Pardy noted it made an impact. It was visible. It was public. Everybody saw it and a lot of people finally understood they were not alone in what they were thinking about vaccine mandates and Covid rules and the like. It was a threat to the established order because for the first time in a long time this was an articulate opposition from a group of the people to the agenda that the elites were pushing. That hasn’t happened in Canada for a long time.

We are in a new era where government ministers no longer step down for unethical behaviour. Tension between moral and obligatory approach to public governance and raw use of power. Professors Benson and Pardy engage in a conversation about the role of Prime Minister Trudeau and his ability to continue to be successful electorally. Trudeau, the man, is not the problem, but he is a symptom of the problem. The problem is we have a belief in the state. The idea that the state’s role is to make policy for the public good without anyone allowed to question its choices. If you question that it makes you look like a “cuckoo”. When we consider the problems, we currently face in our society, it is precisely because this idea was rolled out and no one was allowed to question it.

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