The Civil Public Square: A Solution?


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“If we go woke, that’s the end of the American republic. That’s the end of genuine Canadian and English democracy. . . . The revolutions of the Left never succeeded; they never end and their promises never happen.” – Os Guinness

In this interview, author Os Guinness shares with Barry W. Bussey his belief that the move towards cultural Marxism—begun in the 1960s—has been achieved and is the reason we now have woke business, woke military, woke government, woke justice and woke education—all at odds with freedom of religion. Os traces the modern ideologies so prevalent in Western society today back to the French Revolution which laid the foundation for the Russian and Chinese revolutions. Throughout the interview, we are provided with ideas of how to counteract the cultural revolution of woke ideology as Os draws on precepts from history, religion and philosophy.

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