The Fourth Turning Is Now!


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Barry has started a series of Freedom Focus discussions on the work of American authors Neil Howe and William Strauss who published a book in 1997 entitled, “The Fourth Turning.”  Looking back over 500 years of history they discovered a cyclical pattern.  Each cycle lasts 80-100 years – called a “saeculum”.  At the end of each saeculum cycle is a generational crisis era in which the civic order is thrown into violent upheaval.  Internal and external threats during this crisis era leads to violence.  The last time we entered into such a crisis Howe and Straus maintains was in World War II.

Howe updated their research with a new book entitled, “The Fourth Turning is Here.”  We have now entered the crisis era, says Howe.  While Howe is optimistic on the outcome of a renewed and regenerated civic order, Barry emphasizes concern about the devastation of human life that we may well face as the internal and external conflicts go violent.  We must prepare for the storm that is fast approaching. 

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