The Government’s Three-Pronged Approach to Censor Us

Jun 30, 2023 | Freedom Forum

In rapid succession the government is racking up legislation to enforce its view of the world on the Canadian population.  Law Professor Michael Geist recently wrote that this current government “has become the most anti-Internet government in Canadian history. “  I would go further and say that it has become the most anti-internet government in the so called free and democratic societies of the world.

The government has a three-pronged approach to mold and fashion the minds of Canadians into its own image.  First, control the narratives coming from the internet in Canada.  That was made possible with the passage of the Online Streaming Act on April 27, 2023; Second, ensure that only the large government supported media companies survive on the internet.  That is now possible with the passage of the Online News Act on June 22, 2023; and Third, control “online harms” with a new bill that is yet to be tabled in the House of Commons.  Expect to see that third shoe to drop in the fall sitting of Parliament.

Throughout history governments have sought to control what their subjects think and believe on matters that are important to the government.  It is a means of ensuring that they remain in power to implement their utopian goals – all “in the public interest” of course. 

There is so much wrong with the government controlling the internet that it is hard to know where to begin.  Indeed, a book can be written about the process that has gotten us here.  However, what is important is for all citizens to be very wary of the 10 most dangerous words of the English language, “I am from the government. I am here to help.”

If we have learned anything it is that we have to critically analyze for ourselves what is happening and weigh whether what we are told is in fact true or just another propaganda spin of those in power who have ulterior motives.  If you have been following First Freedoms Foundation for any length of time you should certainly be aware of the shenanigans of those in power who simply want to hang on to power for power’s sake and deny us our first freedoms.

You should note that whenever government plans new legislation it develops a detailed strategy of how to sell the need of that legislation to the Canadian people ahead of time.  There will be consultation meetings with the “stakeholders”, those who have an interest in seeing the legislation pass.  In the normal course of events government should include those for and those against and then determine whether the legislation is necessary.  However, what is now typical for this government is to have consultations of only those groups who have the same opinion as the government!

Then to really hammer it home a “report” is released to the public stating how the government held these meetings and that there was a consensus that the legislation is necessary.  It was necessary because the government wanted it and had their ideological friends say so.

This is the process of what is happening with the government’s “third prong” – the online harms legislation.  One media report noted that the government’s consultations “are being marketed like they’re evidence of democracy in action, but that’s not exactly the case when you look under the hood.”  These are handpicked panels that agree with the government’s censorship plan and often the government pays these “experts” for their input.  In one recent round of online consultations

“Canadian Heritage deliberately filtered out feedback from individuals who didn’t agree with the Liberals’ “National Action Plan on Combating Hate.” The feedback survey at the heart of these consultations was altered to prevent dissenters, labelled “non-allies” by one public servant, from completing the full set of questions.”

As the columnist wrote, “Such antics bring the entire consultation process into disrepute.”

We can no longer rely on what we are being told by government about their need to protect democracy by their three-pronged censorship regime.  The government censors are themselves engaged in “misinformation” and “disinformation” all the while claiming that they are acting in the public interest to protect us from the very things they are doing – disinformation!  Winston Churchill noted that the first casualty of war is the truth.  And, that truth is so important that it must be protected by a body guard of lies.  We are definitely in a war.  The war of ideas over what it means to be human. 

We have every right to be concerned about the abuse of government censorship as the government is now taking it upon themselves to ‘protect us’ from harmful content online.  Here is what we can expect in the not-too-distant future:

–              Canadians being unable to get Google searches that includes Canadian news content;

–              Higher internet costs as government programs give more tax dollars to the big news companies – we the tax payers will pay for it;

–              Increased pressure on “news content” and “Canadian content” providers to comply with what the government deems appropriate;

–              Pressure on independent media on the internet that may well mean many do not survive;

–              Increased prosecution of those who engage in ‘harmful content’ online;

–              Government propaganda on a host of controversial issues that violate personal and traditional religious morality.

There is much more that can be said about reality confronting us.  I encourage you to have a look at our interviews on Freedom Feature with Peter Menzies.  

We are now navigating waters of censorship unheard of in our history.  Stay tuned.

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