Totalizing Crisis: Freedom Feature with Peter Stockland


Discussing topics from the trucker’s convoy to the resilience of religious faith, Peter Stockland and Barry W. Bussey reflect on the prescience of Peter’s cautionary point, in March 2020, that we must balance “temporary measures of social distancing … against long-term social conditioning.” As Peter warned, “The coronavirus has unquestionably unleashed an alarming threat to our collective physical well-being. We must start working now to prevent it mutating into a political disease that exhausts our capacity to sustain the traditional freedoms of liberal democratic society.” Given our current state of political and social divisions, it is apparent that Peter’s comments are worth considering. Referring to WWI and the concept of totalizing war, Peter suggests that we are now experiencing “totalizing crisis.” Our society becomes destabilized and therefore malleable as we move from one all-consuming crisis to the next. In the case of the pandemic, even if or when government restrictions are lifted, a residue of fear remains, which makes it difficult to rationally assess risk. It’s time to remember what freedom felt like. We also need to restore the idea of dissent as an act of loyalty that is both legitimate and necessary for the wellbeing of our country.
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