Trudeau has Already Violated the Charter! – Brian Peckford Interview


You are important! That’s why we have the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, according to the Hon. Mr Brian Peckford: because every individual is unique, with a special place in this country. It’s from that spirit of warmth and respect for every person that Mr. Peckford speaks with such incredible passion, conviction and integrity!

As a former premier of Newfoundland, Mr. Peckford is the last surviving author and signatory of the Charter. Last month, he announced he is suing the government for violating the Charter that he helped craft. Yesterday, he spoke with Barry about current events.

Mr. Peckford reminds us that the Charter begins with the statement, “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.” Everything else flows from that foundation. We need to restore our respect for the constitutional text as written, along with those basic principles that include the worth and dignity of every Canadian.

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