Trudeau’s Tiananmen Square


Tom Marazzo one of the main organisers involved in the Ottawa Trucker Freedom Convoy. As a retired military officer, he was called in to Ottawa during the Freedom Convoy to help organise all the logistics needed for a sustainment plan to ensure that the protest remained peaceful and ran smoothly. He worked with the leaders of the convoy, lawyers and city leaders to try to take pressure off the city and the police.

Their goal was to build a framework of strategy to remove the mandates and go home, peacefully.

Tom shares his first hand accounts of the police brutality done to the non-violent protesters and the misrepresentation of the Convoy by the mainstream media.

He tells us where he was at time of the invocation of the Emergencies Act.

He remains hopeful that the extreme misuse of power by the government will all be revealed in the upcoming Public Inquiry.

Tom describes his encouragement in seeing the true “Canadian Spirit” shine forth during his twenty-two days in Ottawa. He has hope for the future because of the changes that the Freedom Convoy brought about in Canada as well as the inspiration and courage for the entire world.

The Convoy provided a non-violent blueprint to push back against unjust laws.

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