Truth Has Fallen In The Street: Who Has The Courage To Pick It Up – An Address By Barry W. Bussey


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We are living in an age of deception that is unparalleled in human history. Unscrupulous villains now have masterful tools at their disposal to challenge even the very elect as to what the reality of things are. The science of voice cloning technology has now reached the point where scientists are telling us we can no longer trust our ears. The inflection as well as the emotion of one’s voice is impeccably mimicked.

That is not all. Video technology is also reaching the point of being able to present individuals doing something they have not done. In other words, Artificial Intelligence will appear so very real that it will dupe the unexpected.

Geoffrey Hinton, dubbed the Godfather of Artificial Intelligence before quitting Google to speak more freely about the dangers of AI. Hinton’s main warnings are that artificial intelligence is creating fake video and audio that is near-indistinguishable from reality. He also notes that chatbots are acquiring knowledge far faster than any individual person, which could soon yield a “nightmare scenario” in which machines are capable of writing their own computer code. Hinton says we soon may not “be able to know what is true anymore.”

What is truth? It is the question of our age. The pursuit of truth is now the subject of government regulation with the passage of Bill C-11. A political philosopher once quipped, “”Sovereign is he who decides on the exception.” He is ultimate power. In other words, it is the one with the power who decides what is true.

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