University for Vaccinated Students Only – Interview with Kendra Hancock and Dr. Matt Strauss


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At the beginning of the 2022-2023 school term Barry interviewed Western University student Kendra Hancock and Western alumnus Dr. Matt Strauss about Western University’s insistence to on enforcing mask and vaccine mandates. Just mere kilometres away, Fanshawe College, had no such mandates. That raises serious questions about the motivation of Western’s COVID-19 policy. Ms. Hancock notes, “A lot of us have had COVID and got over COVID and we are fine. We have been living normal lives, so for that to … not only being taken away once again … they have made it even more extreme. … It was surprising for students … people are frustrated because they are not being treated as adults. They aren’t being treated as people who can consent by their own institution.”

Dr. Strauss tells us that “science is a process, science is perspective, science is a way that we come to the physical world to try to understand more about it. There is no “the science”, nobody speaks for “the science”. Science is a group activity that goes across the world and it is a shared activity that everyone who is trying to understand the truth about the physical reality. Some of the things that characterise the scientific method are, publishing your methods, accepting criticism from other interested parties, and validating your result. So, if for instance, you predict that if we do this or we do that there will be this many cases of COVID-19 in two months … and you routinely predict incorrectly and you haven’t published your method so that other interested parties can double check your work I really struggle to say that what you are doing is science at all.”

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