What Did the Government Know? And When Did They Know It? Freedom Feature with Dr. Joseph Hickey


What happens if we really “follow the science”? Does the research support or contradict the pandemic measures that our governments have put in place?

Dr. Joseph Hickey of the Ontario Civil Liberties Association explains that the government knew – or should have known – that it was unscientific to implement lockdowns, universal masking, and vaccine mandates, yet went ahead and did it anyway!

In fact, a recently released email reveals that the Quebec government imposed its curfew restrictions despite medical and ethical advice to the contrary. As Dr. Hickey explains, this is true of all the draconian measures taken by the federal and provincial governments during the pandemic.

As we emerge from the pandemic, we need to hold our politicians to account by demanding transparency. The biggest contribution to truth comes from individuals who take responsibility for their lives and personal decisions!

Dr. Hickey’s conversation with Dr. Bussey is a reminder of the importance of freedom of expression to allow for scientific research and discovery. As Dr. Hickey says, “in order for individuals to have influence, they need to be able to freely express their views … including views that are extremely critical of power figures, authority figures, [or] ideologies. So we have to allow a huge diversity of views.”

Video timeline:

1:10 – the Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA)

5:21 – Quebec curfew email

8:53 – Unscientific government policies

9:42 – Lockdowns

14:13 – Face masks

18:31 – Vaccine mandates

29:12 – Dr. Hickey’s qualifications

32:51 – COVID-19 vaccine toxicity

42:43 – Deaths in Canada from 2014 to present (graph)

52:23 – Government censorship

56:43 – Call to action: transparency and accountability

– – –

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