What the Hell is Going On?  Interview with Donald Lee Part One


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Author and speaker Donald Lee speaks with Barry about the movements that are afoot in our current environment that is causing a lot of confusion.  Donald has taken the time to step back and investigate the following questions:

Why does nothing make sense?

– How can there be a “climate emergency” when the climate has not changed noticeably during my lifetime?

– How can we fight a “War on Drugs” for fifty years and the drug problem gets worse?

– How can we fight a “War on Terror” for two decades yet there’s more terror than ever?

– How could there be a worldwide “pandemic” when there were no excess deaths anywhere in 2020?

– Why is the answer to every problem more power and control for governments yet they never solve the problems?

– Why is it that the real power doesn’t seem to be in elected governments at all? Every government in the world seems to be taking its marching orders from the World Economic Forum?

What the Hell Is Going On?

Donald’s book What the Hell Is Going On?: The Web of Fraud That Is Enslaving Everyone and How We Can Escape to Freedom (https://www.amazon.ca/What-Hell-Going-Enslaving-Everyone/dp/1990893007/) has become increasingly popular.  After hearing this two part interview of Donald you will know why. 

See Donald’s website at:  https://www.cominghomespirit.com/

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