Whatcott Case at Ontario Court of Appeal – Interview with Hatim Kheir & Jojo Ruba


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This is an interview with Hatim Kheir and Jojo Ruba, two passionate voices advocating for freedom of expression and the power of open dialogue. Hatim, a lawyer representing Free to Care’s intervention in the Bill Whatcott case, tackled the controversial issues raised in the case. Hatim, Jojo, and Barry discussed the importance of vigilance against repeating historical mistakes against freedom of speech and the need to push back when it is being challenged today. In this evolving legal landscape, courts’ views have shifted, recognizing the delicate balance between critique and hate.

Barry and his guests discussed the challenges arising from the misconception that criticizing behavior equates to hating individuals. Jojo’s dedication to confronting relativism—a belief in the absence of objective truth—became a central theme in this interview. They emphasized the importance of showing up and engaging in conversations that shape society’s future. Both Hatim and Jojo recognize the broader implications: that it’s not just freedom of expression at stake, but the core of who we are and how we interact with one another. As courts continue to evolve and society faces complex issues, their efforts remind us to safeguard the right to speak out while fostering understanding and progress.

Check out Hatim and Jojo’s information below:


Website: jccf.ca 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Hatim_Kheir_ 


Website: https://www.freetocare.ca/staff 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JojoRRuba?s=20 

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