When Politics Come Before Patients – Interview with Dr. Shawn Whatley Part One of Two Parts


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Shawn Whatley, MD, is the past President of the Ontario Medical Association and a physician leader with experience in emergency medicine and primary care.  You may find more of his work and a great podcast at:  https://shawnwhatley.com/

Dr. Whatley spoke with Barry about why the right must talk about the morality of gender-affirming care, assisted suicide.  Why are we so reluctant to speak about morality in these very serious issues? 

Dr. Whatley’s recent book, When Politics Comes Before Patients: Why and How Canadian Medicare is Failing, has this to say,

“Successive governments, regardless of political stripe, know all too well that Canada’s system of health care is one of the defining characteristics of “being a Canadian”, and any changes deemed harmful will have them thrown out of power. Thus, decades of cuts around the margins, centralized control, federal/provincial infighting, and government oversight has left doctors and hospitals with little input on how your health dollars are allocated and spent. Citizens are being left to languish in pain for months, sometimes years, because the current cost and delivery system is programmed for the benefit of governments staying in power. That was not what was intended. Medicare should be about delivering high-quality and timely healthcare value for Canadians.”

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