When Will You Stand Up?


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At what point do you stand up?

Prof. David Haskell describes a university assignment he presented to students, which resulted in several students dropping his course with the encouragement of the dean. What was so “offensive” and what does this controversy reveal about our culture? Watch the latest “Freedom Feature” to find out.

Professor David Haskell (Wilfrid Laurier University) shares his research on media bias, religion, and cultural trends. Using a sociological lens, he has studied the portrayal of conservatives in the wider culture. He notes that the media and the academy are disproportionately left-leaning compared to the rest of the society.

He cites Eric Haufmann (University of London), who found that only 6% of academics identify as conservative. The result is systemic discrimination against conservatives.

Data is being demonized and empirical evidence is becoming harder to find as universities reject the ideas of the Enlightenment. Instead of critical thinking, critical theory (a type of cultural Marxism) has become dominant.

Prof. Haskell and Dr. Bussey discuss pandemic mandates, the academy’s reluctance to accommodate religious students, and the efforts of the left to define what is credible.

Order a copy of Prof. Haskell’s book, Through a Lens Darkly, here: https://www.amazon.ca/Through-Lens-Darkly-Media-Perceive/dp/1894667921

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