Why Free Speech Matters


Free speech allows us to think, solve problems, and seek after truth.

We live in a time when governments and corporations are more inclined to censor “disinformation” than to encourage a free marketplace of ideas. Yet the examples of history remind us that attempting to control speech does not lead to greater peace, safety, or freedom!

In this thoughtful video, Barry W. Bussey shares insights drawn from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Philip Slayton, and Jordan Peterson.

We encourage you to get a copy of Philip’s 2020 book, Nothing Left To Lose.
Watch Jordan Peterson’s video, “Why I’m So Obsessed by Free Speech,” (May 15, 2022) on his YouTube Channel.

Finally, to register for the “Roots of the Rule of Law” conference in August, go to www.firstfreedoms.ca.

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