You Must Be Crushed


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In Canada today, “to be progressive is to be neutral and to not be progressive is to be wrong.”

Special guest, lawyer Bruce Pardy, returns to Freedom Feature for an in-depth discussion of progressivism.

First, Prof. Pardy highlights some of the contradictions in progressive thought. He explains that the double standards come from the concept of “repressive tolerance” which explicitly promotes causes on the left (even if they involve violence) but suppresses ideas and actions associated with the right. He concludes that “The country is polarized because one side rejects the legitimacy, indeed the existence, of the other.”

Second, he explains why we should be concerned about Chief Justice Richard Wagner’s comments on the trucker convoy. Famously, justice should be done, and be seen to be done. In a pluralistic society, courts need to be neutral before the point of ideology. However, Justice Wagner takes pride in the Supreme Court being the most progressive in world.

You can read more about this ongoing concern in an editorial coauthored by Dr. Bussey and Dr. Iain T. Benson:

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