Christianity and Law: Freedom Feature with Bruce Cameron


Why is this lawyer boycotting Canada?

After joining Dr. Bussey for a livestream discussion, law professor Bruce Cameron (Regent University) gives an in-depth interview on matters of conscience, politics, and faith. In addition to teaching at Regent University, Professor Cameron is involved with the National Right to Work Foundation. He and Dr. Bussey discuss legal cases on both sides of the border, along with current events and issues.

Why is joining a labour union a matter of conscience for some individuals? Is conscience distinct from religion, and how do courts assess a religious freedom claim? Why is granting accreditation for a religious university controversial?

With regard to government mandates, Prof. Cameron raises a strong concern over the power of government (especially unelected bureaucrats) to prevent individuals from traveling, working, or participating in family matters.

Prof. Cameron also unpacks his decision not to vacation in Canada anymore. How is this kind of response different from cancel culture? According to Prof. Cameron, it’s about making a personal moral choice that promotes the Gospel. This is not the same as demanding that the government or other institutions enforce the same viewpoint. The first approach is consistent with free will as presented in Scripture, because it allows everyone the ability to make their own decisions.  


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