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Mar 4, 2024 | Freedom Forum, Video Header

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“We have to make sure that we’re open for market-dominated economics and not just pay for whatever the latest trend is.” – Derek Sloan

The Ontario Party was established in 2018 and Derek Sloan became its leader in 2021. At its core, the party stands for freedom, family and faith. In this video, Derek tells fellow lawyer Barry W. Bussey that he wants to bring sanity back into politics. Our main systems of healthcare and education need reform. Because of their compounding effects, immigration needs to be reined in and housing needs to be expanded. Ontario’s economy is stalled; Derek’s not interested in mud slinging the other parties, but he believes the PCs, Liberals and NDP have become too focused on new ideas that have not stood the test of time. We need to regain substantive manufacturing to restore Ontario to its former wealth.

Right now, the Ontario Party needs to collect ~ 1,000 signatures from Ontario residents who are also Canadian citizens to be able to register the party to fight again in the next election.

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Help litigants who were harmed by government measures during Covid19:

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