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“Traitor! You’re Not Welcome Here”

“Traitor! You’re Not Welcome Here”

Barry W. Bussey “Traitor!  You’re Not Welcome Here!” Those were the words (along with other insults) that confronted NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh when he was visiting an NDP candidate headquarters in Peterborough, Ontario.  Ontario will have its provincial...


Spotlight on the issues, individuals, and ideas connected with freedom in Canada.

Trudeau’s Rewriting History

Trudeau’s Rewriting History

FIRST FREEDOMS PODCASTClick the play bar above to listen to the audio recording of this Freedom Focus podcast, or read the transcript below. Barry W. Bussey “History will be kind to me,” Winston Churchill confidently proclaimed. He capped his confidence with the ace:...

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Commentary on current trends, including candid interviews and observations.

Why Free Speech Matters

Why Free Speech Matters

Free speech allows us to think, solve problems, and seek after truth. We live in a time when governments and corporations are more inclined to censor "disinformation" than to encourage a free marketplace of ideas. Yet the examples of history remind us that attempting...

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First Freedoms statements on current events

Dr. Bussey on the Three Minute Interview

Dr. Bussey on the Three Minute Interview Bill 67 claims to be "antiracist," yet the ideas it promotes are, in fact, racist. CRT (critical race theory) stigmatizes or promotes certain groups, with little regard for individual responsibility or merit. If passed, the...

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